Is it weird that i’m sat here thinking of stuff to do to pass the time until it’s late enough that people generally aren’t about so i can go for a peaceful late night walk around the supermarket? :/ 

yeah i had an amazing time…LOL i looked bored? 

i think that’s just my general ‘oh no~ pictures are being taken’ face :/ 

here are some pictures where i look less bored…

in Insadong, 


in Lotte World


at Gyeongbokgungimage

at Music Bankimage

in Gangnamimage

in Gyeongjuimage

in Udo image

in Lotte World image

in Incheonimage

in Udoimage



30 Day Shred Day 3 completed.
I am easily the most unfit person i know.

@etruscangirl (i hope you see this)

Marissa~~ i still didn’t find out about each show or how to get in or whatnot but i found this:

i guess it’s quite helpful for anyone living in korea & but i still dont know how or when we need to apply :S a korean friend said she will try & get us into Music Bank but idk how if we need to apply before hand & have passport info/i.d etc :S really confused rn

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